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Simple, reliable equipment and superior customer support are the core focus of Foltex USA.

This means nothing, however, unless our customer experience reflects it.

We are thrilled to have multiple Foltex machines in our facility.  They have increased our versatility and productivity.  The benefit of having a sales/service rep with actual laundry experience in the maintenance field has been outstanding.  We greatly appreciate the relationship we have with Foltex, and look forward to converting our entire folding line in the near future.

Phillip Gurganus 
General Manager


Foltex as a company and as a product is simply on another level.  We have 6 Foltex piece folders in our plant.  The best compliment I can give is that I never hear a word about these machines. They just work! Our operators and maintenance team love them.  The support from Foltex is unmatched.  I will not hesitate to purchase more Foltex equipment as we grow!

Gregory Gicewicz

sterile surgical.png

The performance of the Foltex folders is amazing.  The machines run extremely well and are much more versatile and durable than other folders we have had.  The service is excellent and very responsive and the website makes it easy to order parts.  I’m so glad we made the decision to purchase from Foltex. 

Meredith Bowery
Executive Vice President

virginia healthcare.png

We've had 3 pieces at our plant since 2017.  They are very reliable and easy to use.  The interphase and logic make it easy to troubleshoot the occasional jam or dirty sensor.  Very rugged and intelligent equipment.

MOST IMPORTANT is your service.  I am not sure a company, in any industry, takes more pride in their service to the customer, than Foltex USA.  I appreciate the rapid response from a tech if I am needing some help solving the rare issue, and I love seeing your people show up at my door for a courtesy visit when they are in the hood.

Thank you for allowing me to be a customer, and always making me feel like our business is appreciated….. Even after the sale!

Lee Baldauf
Maintenance Manager

superior linen.png

These folders were exactly what we needed.  They perform well and customer service has been outstanding.

Teresa Avery
​General manager


We have purchased ten small piece Foltex Folders and FlexStacks and their performance has exceeded our expectations.  The machines are very reliable and provide a quality, consistent fold. The machines seldom jam and maintenance on the equipment is minimal.  As a result, we have seen an improvement in production efficiency.  The support from Foltex is also excellent. Another pleasant surprise has been the continued follow-up we have received ever since the install.

Rocco Romeo


Foltex is the definition of customer service.  The equipment is everlasting and service is outstanding.  Foltex just does things right from the start and stands by their products. 

Moe Nabulsi
Chief Engineer

royal laundry.jpg

We are extremely satisfied with the equipment functionality, quality, speed, and program options.  We are also very satisfied with the service from Foltex and the simplicity on the maintenance side.  I wouldn't recommend any other company!

Juan Ramirez
Linen Director


The employees of Foltex make it their ultimate goal to ensure customer satisfaction is paramount.  I have yet to encounter another equipment manufacturer who treats their customers as important after the sale as they do prior to it.

Steven Rudick

clean fresh.jpg

Dealing with the Foltex team has been an absolute pleasure.  We are extremely happy with the productivity and quality of fold we are obtaining with our Foltex Machines.

Greg Shames
Director of Operations


The folder has a great design and is user-friendly!  The Foltex team’s knowledge and passion will quickly get your attention.  I believe the consistent results, strong service, and parts availability will keep you coming back to Foltex.  Foltex sells itself and is easy to recommend.  The small things matter in this industry.

John R. van Nagell III

The Foltex FlexFold is leaps and bounds ahead of other drywork folders.  The maintenance is simple and the accessibility to parts is unreal.

Corey Somerville
Maintenance Chief​


​Foltex equipment has been very reliable and their team provides excellent customer service with extreme attention to detail.

Wayne Mauffray
Regional Director of Facilities and Maintenance

I have known Arnaud Henrard for many years.  I have always found him to be creative but honest.  If he can do something, he will make it happen.  If he can’t, he is up front and will not waste anyone’s time.

As our Director of Plant Operations, John Teyssier, recently told me, 'Most vendors say they are ‘plug and play’, but Foltex really is.  We were using the equipment within a relatively short period of time after installation and were getting good numbers.  And it’s built like a tank.'

David Struminger

orange truck.jpg

​When dealing with Foltex, we know that our experience from equipment selection through commissioning will be seamless, and above satisfactory.  The equipment is extremely well engineered for operator and maintenance ease of use, and the staff at Foltex provide excellent service wherever or whenever it is needed.  I would (and do) highly recommend Foltex to many people I meet in the industry as I know they will be more than happy with their decision.

Seth Morrison
Staff Process Engineer

​Faultless Laundry Company has been working with Arnaud and Foltex for years.  We could not be happier with our partnership with Foltex and their team.  The Foltex line of equipment produces superior quality, simple operation, and outstanding design.  Foltex has brought a new definition to the word simplicity in the Textile Rental Industry!

Brandon Burns
Assistant Staff Engineer


In the 37 years I've spent in the industry I can confidently say the Foltex small piece folder is the best I've seen.  We have been able to increase our piece per hour output by 35% over units from other manufacturers.

​Minimal jamming occurs, the unit is easy to operate and fold settings are very precise.  The flexibility of the Foltex is another huge plus; it beautifully folds thermals to knit fitted to the standard small piece items.  Last but not least, Foltex provides you with multiple sources for parts which can be purchased off the shelf.  We are so pleased with this folder we've ordered 2 more for delivery in 2017.

We have used Foltex small piece folding equipment in our plant for two years now.  After the initial purchase we quickly realized the benefits of these units.  We purchased two more units the following year and will add another next year.  These are the best folders I've seen in my 30 plus years in the industry.  Quality, reliability and customer service are the best!

David Dieck
​General Manager​


We have been very happy with our purchase of a FlexStack folder for all our small linen items.  It is easy to program, and the factory support has been amazing. 

Jerry Fry
​VP Operations

service linen supply.png

We have just passed 9 months since we installed the FlexFold and FlexStack at our facility here in Adams, MA and I wanted to provide you with a status on our experience with the two machines.

I am extremely pleased to report that the units continue to produce volumes of work at or above our original expectations. In addition, the machines rarely ever jam and therefore our production is maintained at a very constant rate making it easier for us to meet our load demands.

Another pleasant surprise has been the support and continued follow-up we have received from you ever since the install. Because of your dedication and desire to meet our expectations the two machines do what they were designed for and do it well day in and day out.

During my 35 plus years in the linen supply industry these are the first small piece folders I could recommend to a fellow operator and be able to say that the decision to purchase one from Arnaud would be a "no-brainer", just do it and you will be pleased that you did.

David R. Desmarais

Thanks Foltex for a hassle free two years in our dry room area. Since installation, our equipment has performed flawlessly as expected. Our towels still look as great coming out of the folder and stacker now as they did the day of installation.

Thanks again for your attention to detail with your machinery.

Since installation two years ago, our Foltex equipment has performed flawlessly. The folding and stacking quality has been reliable since day one

Steve Sobon
V.P. of Operations​​


Foltex has set the new standard for excellence and reliability.  They provide the most trouble-free and outstanding folds in the industry along with service that goes beyond expectations. Foltex exceeds expectations in everything.

James Nichols
​Chief Engineer​


Foltex is very reliable and virtually bulletproof.  The service and staff are awesome and can always be reached.  The quality of the fold is a 10 in my book, and the ease to repair is unbeatable—you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work on them.

Mike Monahan
Chief Engineer

The Foltex equipment has helped increase production by over 8% while helping to dramatically reduce overtime hours.  Their reliability, versatility, and ability to fold almost anything we process made the decision a simple one.

Charles Berge
​President/General Manager

shared hospital.png

Foltex’s FlexFold small piece folder has been one of the most worry-free pieces of equipment in our facility since installed one year ago.  Not once did we need to make any adjustments to the nine programs.  As a hands-on Engineer, I value the simplicity of preventive maintenance and troubleshooting offered by Foltex.  Customer service is above and beyond with immediate response time and resolution for even the smallest of issues.

​As a growing linen facility, it will be a simple decision to add another Foltex FlexFold to accommodate our increasing work load and achieve maximum PPOH without sacrificing Quality.

Dan Plaskon
Chief Engineer​


Keep It Simple Stupid.  As the Chief Engineer of Moneysworth Linen Service and a profession life in the engineering field, I have found these words to be my mantra.  I have also found this to be the simple truth of the Foltex FlexFold.  I have maintained multiple brands of small piece folders.  None have been as fault free and easy to maintain as the Foltex FlexFold.  Why? Using some of the best technology out there coupled with solid engineering they made a simple and effective small piece folder that produces the best quality, consistently, with virtually no corrective maintenance.

And when I have had an issue, two times in the past year, Arnaud himself answered the phone. One of the times I called for help it was because I had forgotten the password to the machine, because I had not had to use it in months (If only I had this problem with other brands).  The other time, I had to make an adjustment to a proximity switch that had been bumped.  Other than that, every deficiency was addressed, by Arnaud, before it became an issue for me.  And those were the same issues every machine has as you work out the startup “bugs”.

It comes down to this, when I am asked “Would you buy another?” I say “No, we already have. Two more now and two more in the near future.”

Clients not customers.  It is relationship building on a scale no other manufacturer has even dreamed of.
More than a dozen no cost technical reviews in four years.  Name another manufacturer with that dedication to their clients.  You can't.

Matthew Merrick
Chief Engineer 


When we first saw Foltex USA's small piece folder we were impressed and intrigued.  Not having any experience with Foltex USA and Foltex USA itself being new to the scene we were skeptical at best.  After much communication and projecting we decided to install 5 of their four-sort machines with side discharge.

Because of space limitations, they had to be creative with the floor plan to make them fit and be part of our processing system.  I have to say that Foltex USA went above and beyond the call of duty to make this install as smooth and functional as possible.  Once the machines were installed, about a year ago, it was obvious we had made a good choice.  The operators love the way they function and their versatility.  The folds are precise and consistent and production is double compared to our former hand fold making for a short payback also.

We have very few jams and the Maintenance crew say they “absolutely love” them.

We would definitely consider Foltex USA when the need arises for additional small piece folders.

Century Linen has been a satisfied Foltex customer for several years now.  The machines are very durable as our units have processed millions of pieces.  The biggest wear item are the belts of course.  Beyond the equipment, the support and follow-thru provided by Arnaud and his Team is exceptional and I would highly recommend the Foltex folder to anyone in need.

Richard C. Smith
President and CEO

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