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Our passion for dogs inspired us to sponsor Danny & Ron's Rescue to help them save lives of furry friends in need.

Danny & Ron have rescued over 14,000 dogs from puppy mills, shelters, junkyards, dog-fighting conditions, and general abandonment.  For the past 18 years, they have been helping animals by delivering pet food and supplies to elderly dog owners in poverty, financially supporting other shelters and paying medical bills for animals needing treatment.

Unlike typical rescue shelters, Danny & Ron invite rescues into their own home to provide them with a loving environment where they can truly recover.  Once in their care, every dog receives a wellness check from a veterinarian, is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, groomed, and loved.



Every dog is treated like family, free to roam the entire house and even nap in the owners' bed.  Danny & Ron believe the best way to prepare a rescue for their forever home is to let them live with and be loved by humans and other dogs.  Their care for animals is so deep, that they ensure every dog adopted never goes into a shelter environment again.


Danny & Ron’s Rescue does not charge a pre-set adoption fee and instead relies only on donations, whatever the adopter can afford.  So please consider joining us in contributing to their incredible mission by clicking the “donate” button below or by watching their eye-opening documentary, "Life in the Doghouse."

In October 2023, Arnaud Henrard, CEO of Foltex USA, sat down with Danny and Ron's Rescue for an interview to delve into the reasons why their non-profit is so near and dear to his heart. 

How did you come to learn about Danny and Ron’s Rescue?
My wife Connie and I, both devoted dog lovers, had a serendipitous encounter with a lost dog in Columbia SC. He was in a dire state, severely emaciated, with a broken hip, fractured jaw, heartworms, and a chewed-up ear. We named him Beau because to us he was beautiful. Nursing him back to health, we grew deeply attached and learned a lot from his kindness. Beau loved to greet everyone he met and enjoyed watching the sea for hours. 
We thought "Here’s a dog that went through a lot and yet loves humans unconditionally". Beau's resilience inspired us to help dogs like him, but we didn't know how until I saw the incredibly touching documentary Life in the Doghouse. I was on a plane coming back from the factory when I selected to watch the documentary. By the time it ended I had to dry my tears! I decided right there and then that I was going to help Danny and Ron’s Rescue.

How did the film impact you?
Watching the documentary "Life in the Doghouse" transformed our perspective on how we could make a difference. We had been seeking an organization aligned with our values. Danny and Ron's passion and their genuine care for each dog, treating them like family, convinced us to join their cause. What most impressed us was that for the dogs, Danny and Ron's is not just a rescue, it's a home!

Why did you decide to support Danny & Ron’s Rescue as a company?
After sharing the documentary with our team, unanimous agreement emerged to support Danny & Ron's Rescue. We decided to commit to an annual donation if we reach our financial objective. Danny and Ron provided us with the means to fulfill our new purpose, and we hold immense admiration for their entire team. Our support extends beyond mere contributions; it's about saving dogs and making a meaningful impact. As a business owner, I firmly believe that a company's impact goes far beyond financial success. What's the point of prosperity if it isn't harnessed for good?
At Foltex, one of our core values is a deep sense of caring. We extend this care to not only our employees and customers but also our four-legged friends. In fact, our office is a pet-friendly environment, where our staff members are encouraged to bring their dogs or any beloved animals to work. We've witnessed the positive energy that dogs and animals infuse into our workspace, creating a wonderful and uplifting atmosphere. 

What would you share with Danny & Ron’s Rescue supporters?
Existing donors should remind corporate leaders that backing Danny and Ron's Rescue on a corporate level extends beyond saving lives. It fosters a culture of compassion, purpose, and unity, enriching staff members and creating a win-win proposition.

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