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FlexFold LP.jpg

The most anticipated industry upgrade is here!

FlexFold LP is a flatwork folder able to fold the complete range of small and large flatwork linens. The FlexFold LP’s simple yet durable design delivers high quality folding and high production rates.  The unit can perform 2 or 3 primary folds in up to 6 lanes, as well as 1, 2 or 3 crossfolds in up to 2 lanes.  Each lane is independent and can be combined for flexibility.  The folder comes standard with mechanical bypass and can be supplied with up to two drop stackers or a side delivery table. All crossfolds are accomplished by knife and reversing conveyors.





FlexFold BT.jpg

Three solutions in one compact design!

FlexFold BT is a feeder, folder, stacker combination capable of processing thin and thick items such as fitted sheets and blankets.  An optional set of spreading clamps allows one or two operators to feed the unit from the center or outer positions.  The unit can perform 2 primary folds and up to 3 crossfolds. The length and width of each item is measured for optimum accuracy.  The folder can be supplied with a drop stacker or a side delivery table.



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