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Celebrating a Foltex Milestone!

Ten years ago today, Foltex set out on a mission to combine our passions for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Marketing, bringing positive change to the industry we love. Today, our fresh perspective combined with our tenacious pursuit of excellence in customer satisfaction makes us the brand of choice for companies seeking reliability and meaningful partnerships.

We believe customers are best served by companies that are focused on delivering specific values. This has been our commitment since day one, and will continue to be our commitment for the next ten years, and beyond!

Our focus is customer-driven and starts with listening, which is why our core value proposition became two single words: Simple and Reliable. That's it! No fancy statement or confusing jargon. Only two key words guide us in everything we do to ensure we meet our customers' expectations.

This is just the beginning for Foltex USA and an exciting kick-off to a year of celebrating this milestone of which we're incredibly proud! If you have a Foltex USA story from the past 10 years that you'd like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Our incredible customers are the #1 reason we're here, after all!

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